Jane Ra's Fine Art

"Flowers, Trees, Sun, Beach, Winds"

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In 2010, I moved to Hawaii after living in Alaska for over 20 years. It was due to these experiences and transition that many of my paintings changed from frozen ice lands to a tropical paradise.

I have obtained two BA degrees, one in Social Service, Korea in 1980 and another in Fine Arts from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 1995.

My first painting in Hawaii received an award from Alexander and Baldwin Foundation

Jurors Award in 2011 and my latest painting is currently being displayed at the Hawaii State Foundation.

Below are some of my paintings that I want to share with the public. (2013)

I love to paint nature's beauty such as flowers, trees, sun, beaches, the wind, etc. Hawaii is a perfect place for this and inspires me in many ways to just pick up my paint brush and paint aspects of nature's raw beauty. I have travelled many places in the world, land and sea, and I must say for me, that Hawaii is the best source of inspiration from it's natural surroundings.

Primarily using acrylic plus rice paper collage and watercolor.

My art life will continue in Hawaii.


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